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Thursday, January 04, 2007

T-Mobile Lies to Customers Part 1

T-Mobile needs to take a lesson from Verizon and take care of customers who they've made and subsequently broken promises to. My ordeal with T-Mobile began right before the holidays on 11/22. I was shopping around for better rates on my plan, and unable to find any better competitive rates I decided to give T-Mobile a call to see what new things they had available. My discussion with the rep, a certain Ryan F., turns to phones since I have an older Motorola V330 and was interested in the possibility of upgrading. We whittle it down to a Motorola Razr V3 for a price of $29.99 after a mail-in rebate with a 2 year agreement.

I then explain to the rep that I don't really want to spend the money on a new phone right now since not only do I have to buy holiday gifts, but I will likely either get a new phone for the holidays or use gift money to buy it. He says that he can put a note in my account for that price and that I can call back right after the holidays and get the phone at the price he quoted me. Fantastic! This customer service is the reason I have been with T-Mobile all these years.

Fast-forward to shortly after Christmas. I call T-Mobile and have another rep (Mary, extension #413736) check that the note is still in my account which of course it is. I then ask to order the phone for that price and the rep proceeds to tell me that the price has changed. It is now $49.99 with no mail-in rebate and a 2 year contract. I say that the no rebate incentive really isn't that important to me since I'm used to dealing with rebates and would rather have the lower, originally quoted price of $29.99.

Mary's Reponse: "We're sorry, but prices are subject to change and the previous price given is no longer valid."

Me: "But that is why he put the note in my account, so I could get that lower price even if prices went up immediately after the holidays."

Mary: "He was not authorized to do that, prices are subject to change."

I can clearly see I will be getting nowhere with this 1st level rep, being no stranger to dealing with customer care, so I kindly thank her for her help but ask for her supervisor. Her supervisor, Tom S. (extension #8661) gets on and proceeds to feed me the same company line as Mary. After calmly arguing the situation a bit, I start getting annoyed and ask the following:

Me: "I'm curious what reason I could possibly have for having Ryan make the note in my account other than to receive the quoted price at the later date. Do you think I wanted a keepsake or something of that conversation?"

He then gives me the same runaround about how Ryan was not authorized to do that, prices are subject to change, but he will contact Ryan's supervisor and have him deal with Ryan.

Me: "Great, and while I would expect that, you still have an unsatisfied and unhappy customer on your hands."

We then start discussing other phones since maybe there is a comparable one at the price I was quoted. After interrupting me several times during the conversation and proceeding to essentially tell me that my needs for a cellphone and the way I currently use multiple devices (camera, iPod, phone, etc) are bad because they are not his needs (having an all-in-one device), we determine that there is no comparable phone for $29.99.

At this point I'm fairly annoyed, and since I didn't expect this to be a big issue (what's $20 on a phone when I'm signing up for a 2 year contract?) I decide that before I go further, I need to get some employee names and numbers. He proceeds to give me his info and Mary's info and Ryan's name however apparently Ryan did not have an extension, since apparently they do not all have rep ID numbers but rather just phone extensions.

Me: "So just curious here...if you don't have Ryan's extension, how will you know which Ryan's supervisor to contact, surely T-Mobile has plenty of Ryan's working for them?"

Tom: "Our system has ways for us to do that."

Fine, I can understand that although I feel like I'm getting the brush off. I then decide to switch tactics.



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