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Thursday, January 04, 2007

T-Mobile Lies to Customers Part 3

After holding for a bit, a polite sounding man named Shane gets on the phone. I bring him up to speed and he agrees that I definitely have every reason to be pissed off. He then makes me an offer.

Shane: "I can certainly offer you the V3 for $29.99 with no rebate."

Now, that would be fantastic...if the rep who transfered me to him hadn't just told me that their current price on the Razr was $29.99 with no rebate having just come down in price from the $49.99 price Tom has given me. At this point I was not going to accept JUST being given the price I was quoted. That should have been the first thing Tom should have offered me initially.

But now I had been:
  • Been lied to by T-Mobile by one of THEIR representatives, the face of T-Mobile that the customer deals with.

  • Been treated poorly by a customer care supervisor.

  • Been lied to by said supervisor about there not being Executive Customer Service and being refused an escalation of my case.

  • Been lied to by said supervisor again since according to Shane Ryan DID have the authority to lock in that price till after the holidays while Tom kept telling me Ryan did not have that authority.

I wanted more than just my originally quoted price, they needed to make things better, not equal so to speak. I explained the situation nicely to Shane.

Me: "So one of my big issue now is that the main reason I have been with T-Mobile all these years is because of your great customer service, and now I am unsatisfied with the customer service I have received and am likely to cancel my service."

After a bit more discussion Shane offers me 200 free minutes to appease me. Not only is that not a lot of minutes (nor do I use a lot to begin with) but it really has nothing to do with the cause of the wanting a Razr V3. I explain this to Shane and say that a free V3 would do it. I mean, they were going to give it to me for $29.99, but what is $29.99 compared to keeping a customer happy and paying for service for 2 more years?

At this point Shane asks to put me on hold to speak to whoever has the authority to grant special requests. He comes back on and says that they can offer me the V3 Limited Edition which has a fancy (dumb) dragon design on it and is about $20 more and they will extend that offer for 2 weeks. I explain that I don't really care for the Limited Edition one and mention the brand new Razr V3T which has a MUCH better camera than the V3 and they currently list it on their site for $99.99. He explains that that is a different model and at a higher price, etc.

After a little bit of further negotiations, he is nice enough to offer me the more expensive V3T for $29.99 and will extend (and note in my account) the offer for 2 weeks.

Finally...THIS is the type of customer service that can repair a damaged customer relationship. Especially when that relationship was one of the main reasons the customer is a customer in the first place.

I thank him and explain that I still need some time to consider keeping my service with T-Mobile, but 2 weeks should give me some time to do that.

I explain then that I will still be submitting my article to but that I would make sure to note how helpful Shane had been.

So Shane, if you read this, thank you again for an exemplary job of customer service. You recognized the bigger issue of the customer relationship at hand and were willing to negotiate a way for me to get a good deal to smooth things over, while still giving T-Mobile some money and maintaining the company's legal position on price changes.



  • You're a huge dumb ass. I work for an authorized t-mobile dealer and I have customers like you all the time who somehow think they weren't treated fairly cause some poor teenage kid thought if he quoted a price on your account that corporate would honor it. Let me tell you something else, I live by the golden rule of treating other people how you want to be treated and you certainly were getting what you deserve. If it were me on the phone I can guarantee you that conversation would've gone over alot differently and would've sounded something like an unedited eminem song. T-mobile never ONCE lied to you in fact all they did was their job and did it damn well. Go cry to someone else like sprint who could careless about you either cause T-mobile has the most solid repuatation and award winning customer service (JD Power) than any other network. So I'm sorry you're a prick have a nice day ass hole

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/16/2007 3:04 PM  

  • This is the funniest thing I've read all day.

    Please explain to me how telling me I cannot escalate my call when I indeed can is not a lie? And the others I mention? You make a lot of noise but do not address my points that I've made.

    I was treated poorly on the phone by a supervisor so I went above his head. I fail to see a problem with this.

    I suspect that it MIGHT have been you on the phone and now you're getting all pissy about what I wrote about you.

    T-Mobile did indeed lie to me only SOME associates did their job correctly.

    If you were on the phone and spoke to me like you threaten I would have you on the phone along with your supervisor faster than you can say McJob and have the call recorded and a formal complaint submitted against you.

    If you had read my article in detail you would see that I do agree T-Mobile has good customer service which is why I have been with them so long. This was an anomaly which is why I fought so hard for this.

    Next time try actually making an argument instead of resorting to childish namecalling and false claims.

    By Blogger Halting Point, at 1/16/2007 8:13 PM  

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