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Thursday, January 04, 2007

T-Mobile Lies to Customers Part 2

I decide to bring up the Verizon dollars/cents issue that Consumerist covered not too long.

After asking if Tom was familiar with the incident (he was)...
Me: "So what happened is that a Verizon rep quoted one thing and then the company later told the customer another thing, very much like this"

Tom: "Yes but that was a billing issue and this is a product sales issue."

Me: "I understand that, however that is completely irrelevant since my point was that the company told the customer one thing, and later went back on it and refused to satisfy the customer until a story reached and was picked up by the news."

After going back and forth a bit more it seems Tom is getting annoyed with repeating the company line over and over again and proceeds to start saying what sounded like a "Sorry you're screwed but get off the phone" script (I later find out they don't use scripts and that was just him being rude). I try to interject but he speaks over me. Guess he only likes the interruptions going one way.

Being completely fed up at this point I ask to speak to Executive Customer Service.

Tom: "There is no Executive Customer Service."

I know when I'm being lied to, and now I'm even more pissed. I decide to try a little name-dropping.

Me: "I have to say I'm pretty unhappy with the service I've received and if there's nothing you can do to satisfy me then I will be writing an article on this experience and submitting it to the website since they likely will be able to get me the contact info for Executive Customer Service."

Tom: "You are more than welcome to post that story sir."

After exchanging some final pleasantries I get off the phone angry as hell.

A little later in the week (tonight, 1/4/07) I decide to call again since I just wanted to be sure of the prices I was going to cite in my article I was writing. I spoke to a nice cute-sounding rep who helped me out, and then, for the hell of it I asked to please be transferred to someone to cancel my account. My logic was that maybe I might get somewhere with a retention rep (T-Mobile calls them Advanced Care Specialists) since part of the game with customer service is to try speaking to different people if you don't get your way the first time.



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