The Halting Point

Sunday, December 03, 2006, discover how the world feels.

I'm a sucker for nice visualizations so I thought I'd share a cool one I discovered recently. It is called WeFeelFine. They employ a search engine spider that crawls various blogs for certain key phrases indicating emotion. They catalogue this data, and display it in a beautiful interactive visualization and if you click on any of the moving symbols, you can read the phrase of the place it came from. Click on the full phrase that just appeared and be taken to the originating website.

The level of interaction is not to be passed over. It is very thorough and provides a lot of interesting things to look at and different ways to break the data up. I will note however that I wish there were more description of what I was doing/looking at. While a lot of it is very self-explanatory and intuitive, I still couldn't shake the feeling of "I don't really know what this will do but i'll bet it'll be cool". So as a statistical tool I wasn't in love with it, but still very cool nonetheless.

Be sure to note subtle differences in things. For example, while there are an overwhelming number of bouncing circles floating around, look for the squares as well. These have photos attached.

All in all, very cool and nice for those small moments when you're curious what is going on elsewhere in the world.


  • I agree, It's just a great idea. It's art+science.

    Greetings from Colombia,

    By Blogger Pime, at 4/08/2007 4:19 PM  

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