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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Richard Dawkins debates science vs. religion with Ted Haggard

For those not familiar with Richard Dawkins, he is one of the most admired and exalted scientists still alive today. He currently holds the Charles Simonyi Chair in the Public Understanding of Science at Oxford University to give you some feel for his credentials. You would be wise to read his full wikipedia entry.

In this video, he debates Ted Haggard, the religious counsel for such people as George Bush, and Tony Blair. Ted was recently caught on video admitting to having bought meth from a gay prostitute.

What do they debate? The very foundations of religion, the essence of science and why the two don't mesh. This is the most confrontational interview I've ever seen Dawkins involved in, and at one point you see his face and you can just see how utterly frustrated the man is at trying to have a logical discussion with Ted. It seems as if he's ready to just reach over, beat the shit out of him and strangle him for the good of humanity. But the kicker comes at the end when Haggard tosses Dawkins out of the church.

Truly one of the most eye opening interviews I have seen in a long time. Mr. Dawkins, through this video you have somehow managed to make me respect you even more.

For those wondering what this is from, this is an excerpt from a series of Dawkins' called "The Root of All Evil." You can watch the entire show at the links below:UPDATE: See a follow-up article on why Richard Dawkins hates religion. Not so much the facts-based presentation as he gives in his documentary, but more of an opinion piece coming straight from his heart, and his brain.


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