The Halting Point

Friday, November 03, 2006

PINKS, not just for Fast & The Furious Posers.

There's this show PINKS. They race for pink slips like "real live street racers do" in The Fast & The Furious. The video below actually looks kinda interesting and contains a bunch of Drag Racing Clips. I think I saw a Mercedes goin against a Mustang at one point. That's gotta suck to lose. This video is promoting the all-day marathon of PINKS which will be followed by the premiere of PINKS All Out on SpeedTV on November 23rd. Also, FYI, this is a paid post via PPP and SpeedTV requires disclosure, and they require that I put "this post sponsored by" in the post somewhere. Kudos to them for requiring disclosure since there's tons of people who wouldn't disclose this, but shame on them for making people do it in the form of plugging their website. If you want us to disclose it, let us do it in language that we see fit.

But anyway, the interesting part of this post is the video below which is actually interesting to watch despite the paid nature of this post.


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