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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Ruby Tuesday's New TV Spots, A Step In The Right Direction

Ruby Tuesday recently embarked on a new campaign featuring their triple prime burgers and I have to say I am now both impressed and hungry. As someone who has advertising experience with the QSR/Fast-Casual Restaurant segment (for those not in the know, QSR stands for Quick Service Restaurant like McD's, etc.) I know that they have been lumped together with the likes of Friday's and Applebees, although perhaps on the higher end of those. Well, these spots definitely show they are trying to move up even further and establish themselves as sort of a "gourmet" fast-casual destination. And they work.

Not only is the music catchy (and if anybody knows the name of the tune I'd love to download it), but they use interesting and dynamic screen divisions during the spot which serve as transitions between each shot. You can see the first spot in the campaign below, and feel free to check out the second one that is available so far at the Ruby Tuesday Commercials page of their site. Not sure yet who the agency and director/producer is on these spots yet but if any of you know post it in the comments section.

While the ads aren't that unique in and of themselves, they are just well produced, pleasing, and get the message across. Yes, they could be a bit more creative...I mean, how many times have you seen a restaurant promoting an item saying how delicious it is and talking about the quality of their ingredients and the passion of the people who make the food...but I do want to give them credit for making an excellent example of those types of spots.


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