The Halting Point

Thursday, September 14, 2006

PayPerPost? Whats the real story?

So there's been this internet service making the rounds on blogs called PayPerPost that essentialy pays people to post ads on blogs in the form of blog entries. The Halting Point has started experimenting with this service, and while I had some initial concerns about the ethics of it, I have found that you can choose to only write about opportunities that allow you to give either positive OR negative feedback, which means I get paid for mentioning something, even if I don't like it and tear them a new one. Which means I write more great Editorial For Geeks, which means you readers get more fun stuff to read!

So I was curious about this service and honestly, I think it is backed by all of the top blog advertising sales companies like BlogAds and Federated Media in order to drum up interest in advertising on blogs. You see, the big hurdle has been finding a way to get credible bloggers to push products, and this service offers to pay them WAY more than services such as Google's Adsense do if they are a small to mid-size blog that can't pull in the pageviews like the big boys. Once bloggers are more open to doing this, advertisers will flock to them as has started happening with this service.


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