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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

PayPerPost vs. Adsense

Yes, this is a sponsored post, but it is an opinion based one so I am free to share my opinion whatever it may be. Basically, the question is which has worked better for me, Adsense or PayPerPost. I joined PayPerPost to make money with my blog because honestly, since my blog has been up for several months now, I haven't made more than $10 from the two Google Adsense units I have on the page. And to be quite honest, I am getting paid $10 for spending less than 15 minutes writing this post.

Is it worth it to me to do this? OF COURSE! As long as I have the freedom to select opportunities that allow me to maintain my journalistic integrity by choosing whether or not I give a positive or negative viewpoint on something, I am ok with being paid to discuss a certain topic. In fact, the truth behind PayPerPost is that people are paying more for the value of the backlinks they get which helps them on search engines they they are for the actual content of the posts.

So while I doubt the big blogs funded by the likes of Federated Media and Blogads and such would ever consider using the service since they have the traffic volume to justify PPC (Pay Per Click, like Adsense), this type of service is really great for small to mid-size blogs like The Halting Point to help us writers make a little cash on the side, which is basically 100% profit for those of us who use free hosting services like Blogger or Wordpress.

I think as long as bloggers don't completely sell out by selecting opportunities that allow both positive and negative viewpoints, its a win/win for everybody.


  • Hi! I've added you to my PayPerPost blogroll - if you're interested in linking back to me, and other PPP'ers, read about the blogroll at

    Welcome to PPP!

    By Blogger Colleen, at 9/19/2006 9:00 PM  

  • For those who want the best of both worlds:

    By Blogger Baz L, at 6/24/2007 8:45 PM  

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