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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jeni Mattson's Sweet Ass Lockpick Business Card

Let me start by saying that Jeni Mattson is my new favorite graphic designer of the month. Be sure to check out her work for her other after you're done looking at this as it is equally as skillful and creative albeit slightly more "inside the box" (no pun intended).

Moving of Jeni's clients, Melvin, commissioned her to create a business card to highlight his mischievous nature as a hacker and entrepreneur. So what does she do? She creates a business card that breaks down into a fully functional set of friggin lockpicks! Talk about attention getting.

Kinda makes me wish for a set that could be put back into card form though like those credit-card sized utility tool cards that Victorinox makes. But this just goes to show that it really does pay to have a good designer create your identity. In fact, while at art school I learned that if you're smart, even if you are a talented graphic designer, it is always good to have someone else at least create some concepts for you based on a description of yourself and some parameters you give them. Often times they will not only surprise you, but spark several ideas of your own as to how you would like to brand yourself. Also, for those of you who already have business cards for your job, you should really consider getting personal business cards. Think of how useful they would be for times when you would rather people focus on who you are and how you express yourself versus what you do for a living. Plus, you can put information on there you woudn't typically find on your everyday business card such as your personal email address, your cellphone number, your personal stats, dating preferences etc.


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