The Halting Point

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Digg hit by PayPerPost

As a member of PayPerPost, it has been interesting to see the opportunities that have been flooding in. I've seen SEO spammers try to hype up affiliate links of theirs that go to link farms, I've seen company's ask for positive reviews of products people have never tried, and now I've seen someone try to get posters to digg up their article on their blog.

I just took the following opportunity from some guy trying to make money blogging and the Opportunity text read as follows:
    Check out this Digg by a fellow PayPerPoster.
    _Advertising_Revolution_Has_Begun What do you think about what Dan has to say? If you dig it digg it.
The opportunity pays $12, so for the 15 minutes or so I spent making this post, I made $12. And, there is nothing in this opportunity saying I must digg his story. I personally did not find it digg worthy, so I did not digg it, just wrote about it. What is interesting to read though the comments on the actual digg article page most of the comments are understandably from PayPerPosters like myself. While you would think it would be nothing short of people astroturfing, they are actually providing some interesting discussion. However I don't digg up an article for its discussion, I digg it up for being interesting, so no digg.


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