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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Death of Adsense Article Just A Front For Spammers?

I've been seeing links all over the net for an eBook called The Death of Adsense. So, since my blog was getting crap AdSense results, I tried to download it to read. It didn't work for whatever reason after I used my spam email account, so I decided to do a little research.

At the bottom of the page is a link to TheListVirus. Upon arrival, you see the image posted on the left (click image for larger version). It reads:

    14 Days
    31,500 Opt-Ins
    Highest Alexa Rank During Campaign #424
    The Virus Is Spreading!

Doing a little more digging, I found this blog post through Technorati linking it to a Scott Boulch and mentions an affiliate program which you can see login links for on the main product page. He now has several others called Life After Adsense? and one other book I can't find the webpage for. The affiliate program pays people $.50 for every person they get to submit their email address to download the eBook. But wait you ask...why is this bad? Its a free eBook right? Yes, it is.

But there is something very fishy about all of this, and I recommend nobody else downloads it. They are collecting email addresses for SOMETHING. And they do not list a privacy policy which is about as big a red flag as you can get. Wonder why...

With your help Diggers, we can uncover the shady mystery behind this. If this were really all about Adsense, they wouldn't be collecting emails, nor would TheListVirus exist. I found a blog entry here that suggests this is a viral campaign to build up buzz and generate opt-in leads for this guys launch of his own ad network. I think this is a damn good guess.

But please Diggers, assist with the research, try to cut through all the affiliate spammers trying to push this product and find some REAL information! Help discover the connection! And please for the love of god do not sign up for this eBook after you read this article. I am not promoting it (you can tell because I did not include a referral ID when I linked his site) and want others to stop.

Please post your findings in the comment section below, this way if there are a lot of negative findings, we can get the word out by having them all in one place. Also, please Digg this story to get more people involved. Yes, there are ads on my blog here, but I really don't make anything off of them, and this is not about driving blog traffic. This is about stopping a future spammer and fraudster.


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