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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Charlie Brown Menorah? The Hanukit, A Menorah Made From Matches

The Reddish Design Studio has created what I can only describe as the Jewish equivelant to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Behold, the Hanukit! Featuring an aluminum "candle" holder, you simply stick the matches in, lightem up, and read those blessings fast!

This actually reminds me a lot of my attempt at making a homemade ghetto menorah senior year of college when I discovered that not only does Target NOT carry menorahs, they don't even carry the candles. Fortunately I was able to find the candles at a supermarket and since I didn't have a menorah, I decided to craft one out of tinfoil.

    I said my blessings as I lit the candles and when I was done,
    I went to play some computer games and have some fun.
    While in the middle of a shooting spree,
    I noticed a reflection on my monitor,
    What could it be?

    It seemed the candles were burning very brightly.
    So I turned around and startled slightly.
    Flaring up in my room, on top of my TV,
    The whole friggin menorah was ablaze,
    How could this be?!

    I frantically ran over to douse the the flame,
    Nearly tripping and killing myself, I have my backpack to blame.
    I put it out promptly and made a firm decision,
    Next year I'd have a Hanukkah Bush instead, screw the tradition!
Hmm, not bad for an impromptu Hanukkah poem. Anyway, great little product, and they have a cool diagram which you can see below!


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