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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Anime Music Video Mashup With Over 100 Anime Titles

This person has WAY too much time on their hands. The creation of this video took this guy a full year to do because he not only had to edit the video together, he also had to ROTOSCOPE THE FUCKING CHARACTERS IN EACH FRAME! Basically what that means is that he went through all of these scenes....and traced an outline of the bits he wanted to use in his video in every single frame of animation. Then he put them together in video editing software and through some great editing managed to not only make the characters look like they are racing, but also have them acting and fighting in a way that makes it appear they are interacting with each other.

Click here to see his comments on the sidebar which details all of the anime titles used (over 100!). Apparently he also won a bunch of well-deserved awards for this. Man...I made a rotoscoped 5 second video of myself wielding a lightsaber once and that took me 2 hours. And that was BASIC. I can only imagine the living hell this guy put himself through for an entire year.


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