The Halting Point

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Team Fortress 2 Trailer 2!

While I was mostly a CS person, I don't think there's a single FPS gamer out there who doesn't appreciate what the original Team Fortress did for the genre. It introduced classes to the genre and its concept of defending and attacking bases paved the way to games like the Battlefield series.

Now Valve is about to do it again with the upcoming release of Team Fortress 2 for the Source engine. What's most interesting about it is the extremely intriguing art direction which you can take a look at by clicking the image to the left. It looks like it was created by the same creative team that did The Incredibles! The distinctly cartoon-style graphics mesh perfectly with the physics of the game and serve to make the personalities of each of the classes stand out.

Below is the latest trailer released highlighting many of the different classes available. While it is still uncertain whether or not it will actually feel like this when we least it looks like a helluva lot of fun. But the real question is how much of the video is scripted...In any event, watch below and ENJOY! For those interested in downloading a high resolution version of the trailer, I've included a link below.

  • Click to download the high resolution version.

  • Sunday, August 27, 2006

    BestBuy selling the new Sony Cybershit 7.2

    First, click at the image on the left. Read what I searched for..."cybershot 7.2". Now, this should have turned up results for Sony's 7.2 megapixel Cybershot. Now take a closer look. Apparently no results were returned. However it seems they have plenty of something else in stock! I think the guy who runs BestBuy's website is about to lose his job...or have a very shitty Sunday.

    You can indeed try this yourself on their website as shown by this video of it working. I think its safe to say that this probably won't be up much longer on their site!

    *EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, the inevitable happened. They fixed it. Sucks for their web guy to have to do this on a Sunday. And yes, as people have been pointing out it is very likely that this was a simple typo since "i" and "o" are right next to each other. All in all very funny though and made for a good chuckle on a slow Sunday.

    Wednesday, August 16, 2006

    Rock version of Pachabel's 'Canon in D' by Tiawanese musician Jerry C

    This is a bedroom video of Tiawanese rock star Jerry C. He starts up and just completely rocks out to Pachabel's 'Canon in D'. Not much more to say than that. Watch it and love it. This is one of my favorite songs and if anybody knows where I can grab the .mp3 than point me in the right direction in the comments. His homepage can be found here. Enjoy!