The Halting Point

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Halting Point...Official Sponsor of DUH

George Parker of AdHurl has a rant up about how fed up they are with "Official Sponsorships"...citing the recent Official Sponsorship of the the Brooklyn Cyclones by Chef One Dumplings, the new official dumpling of the team.

Now, I think everybody in this industry can agree that this is just about as dumb as you can get in terms of matching the brand to the team, but I have to wonder how George, how could you not see the marketing value in something like this? From your own words:

  • "As part of the deal, Chef One will distribute samples of their dumplings, hold 'dumpling nights' and dumpling eating contests."
  • They're getting samples in front of a large audience in a fairly captive environment that (I hope) matches their demographics. So the question raised of whether or not fans will buy a brand because its an "Official Sponsor" is not the correct question to ask. Rather, we should be asking whether the business and buzz generated by this sponsorship (not to mention all of the advertising blogs here on the net ripping it apart) justifies the cost of the sponsorship.

    Of course, this is the account manager side of me speaking. I really don't know the demographics of this dumpling place, nor do I know the demos of the Cyclones, but I don't think you should so hastily draw a comparison to Bud's sponsorship of the World Cup (which is beyond idiocy).

    However I do feel that poorly chosen sponsorships can in fact damage a brand's image. This often occurs when the brand is a horrible mismatch for the sponsorship (ala Bud) or when their sponsorship just sounds so horrendously force-fed that it just makes consumers feel ill hearing it may well be the case for an "Official Dumpling". Just watch or listen to any TV or radio broadcast of a major sporting event to hear some other magnificently stupid ones.


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