The Halting Point

Sunday, May 07, 2006


Below is the new E3 Spore promo that contains footage to be used in tv commercials during E3 that was captured by someone and placed the net. You can see the original video featuring Spore gameplay in this post I posted about back in March. Also, you can grab a cool Flash game from there that, while not affiliated with Spore, is very similar to what Spore's first level is supposedly like and its an amazingly fun game.

But anyway, back to the this time its not Will Wright himself taking you through it, so there is no interesting commentary explaining why the stuff he's showing us is so cool from a feature how the game is pretty much procedurally generated.

Did one creature smack the others ass with a whip partway through? I like how even when you have a spaceship and are pretty much an omnipotent space-faring, planet-creating race, if you go to an enemy planet and they have good technology, they can and WILL beat you like a red-headed stepchild.


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