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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fake Testimonials? Is this for real?

I have to admit that I find it quite odd that people who can be so devious in scamming people out of money online can be so fooled as to think the target audience for this service would fall for this.

But it was incredibly ridiculous so I thought I'd share it. And don't worry, that isn't a referral link. Whats funny though is how much they try to fluff up the wording of the Affiliates Section of their website. Its almost like they want people to think this is serious!

The site is registered to a company called: Domains by Proxy, Inc. which lets you register a domain name anonymously. Wow....real surprised they used that...

Too bad, I was about to make a witty remark about what kind of stereotype their name and address conjured up. In any event, whoever made this site is a fucking moron. I don't say that because I feel that this kind of crap doesn't belong on the net...because I don't care either way honestly...I say that because if you go through the trouble of using Domans by Proxy for your scamming activities, don't you think you might want to put a little thought into actually coming up with a halfway decent scam?! Why not sell Jesus Crackers® as "Your one true chance at salvation, getting there one bite at a time."™Least people might consider it for the novelty value.


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