The Halting Point

Thursday, April 13, 2006

This Passover brought to you by Maxwell House.

Last night was indeed different from all other nights. What started out as a Passover seder dinner at the home of a family my parents knew but that I had never met ended up with me coming up with a new avenue for marketers to hawk their wares. Passover!

My inspiration came from the Maxwell House haggadah (Passover prayer book) that we used for dinner that night. Now, many of my Jewish readers might recognize this book pictured to the left, however this was news to me as my family has our own haggadahs. Apparently though there is some serious history behind this and the campaign is quite famous!. According to this press release from Maxwell House, they began distributing these things in 1934, and at 72 years and counting...this is the longest running promotion by a major brand in the US with 40 million copies distributed so far.

I thought that was fantastic, but why stop there?! Passover is an expensive event for any family, and in these tough times we need all the financial help we can get. So without further adieu I present to you my sponsored Passover promotion ideas for other brands!

Seder Plate: Typically these are decorated, very expensive plates that the symbolic food items are placed on. These items range from parsley to horseradish. So why not take that god awful tasting horseradish flavor away with a nice, refreshing Pepsi! The plate would of course feature the Pepsi logo and instead of a dish of salt water, lets bring back Crystal Pepsi for people to dip their bitter herbs in.

Yamukahs: Otherwise known as the funny little hats that us Jews wear. Aside from the expensive custom-made ones, these tend to be either solid white or solid black. Perfect for sporting one or more brand logos! Why should athletes get all the benefits of wearing sponsored uniforms? Plus, you can charge extra for space on the yamukah of whoever is leading the seder!

Matzah: I often refer to this as the cracker of the Jews! It is unleavened bread that is flat, crunchy and has lots of holes in it. We hold it up frequently during the course of the night, and one piece of it is hidden for little children to find for a prize. So what can we do to spice this plain bread up and bring in some dough (pardon the pun)? Well, lets steal an idea from Face Cake! Those are the cool cakes where you can have an edible photograph literally printed onto the cake! Well...why stop ata cake, lets have sponsored matzah! Logos and copy could be printed onto the matzah and everybody would marvel at the unusual and interesting ads you could please on there. Instant eyeballs.

So next year, consider saving some money on Passover dinner (and what Jew doesn't want to do that!) and consider bringing corporations to your seder table because they are interested in the same thing us Jews are. Money.


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