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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Splice your own chimera.

A company called GeneDupe is creating software that will allow you to take an image of a mythological creature and dump in the genomes of the two or more animals that the mythological creature (often referred to as a chimera) is composed of. Once this is done it will go through several generations and several rounds of simulated evolution to output what the most likely successful genome combination of the two would be.

Thats cool enough as it is, but their REAL goal is to take this new mashed-up gene sequence and create a real animal from scratch with it. In otherwords, they want to make REAL mythological creatures. Now, whether or not they would end up being horribly deformed animals that constantly try to kill themselves from agony is another story altogether.

Now, this being April 1st and all, I wouldn't be surprised if this is completely fake, seeing as how I grabbed it off of Digg, but who knows. At our current level of genetic understanding, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if this had half a chance in hell of working.

So yes, this actually was an April Fools joke. What is sad is that Slashdot actually picked this story up from Digg. They can't even make their own April Fools stories?


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