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Thursday, April 06, 2006

New Star Wars comic from the creator of "Troops"!

Many of you might remember a fan-made Star Wars spoof filmed in 1997 called "Troops" (link goes to YouTube version of film), which could be considered one of the first true viral videos on the internet.

Well, looks like the writer of "Troops" is back at it after having been brought on by Dark Horse Comics as a writer. Check out this preview of his hilarious Star Wars spoof comic on the Dark Horse website. Make sure to click the "next page" link at the top of the current page to read a few pages.

The premise of the comic, called "Star Wars: The Return of Tag and Bink" follows Tag and Bink, two Imperial troopers who, through their mishaps and adventures unknowingly have a lasting impression on the Star Wars universe as we know it through the films, much in the style of "Troops".


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