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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Make 3D plastic models of your WoW characters!

A new piece of free open-source software called OGLE, which stands for OpenGL Extractor, allows you to grab 3d modelling data from online games and other pieces of software where you may not have access to the actual models.

How does it work this magic? The software (which is Windows Only) acts as kind of a middleman between the data flow of the program and the computer's OpenGL library. Then it puts all of this in standard 3d modeling format.

So how do you get your little likeness of your virtual "you" in plastic form? Well...thats the more expensive part. The plastic model seen in the picture above was printed on an $18,900 (base price) Dimension BST 3D printer with ABS plastic as the printing compound.

The upside is that if you have any friends at art and design schools (like my almamater MCAD, they most likely have access to these printers and would be able to print them out for you for most likely just the cost of the raw materials. And while I'm not familiar with any companies that do this...there may be some companies out there that will fill small prototyping orders and ship the models out to you.

(Click the above image for a larger version)

Thought I'd add some download links as well...but please also check out the creator's site for all the cool goodness they have on there.
First you need a DLL called GLIntercept and then you need the OGLE software.
  • GLIntercept Download Page
  • OGLE Direct Download Link

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