The Halting Point

Thursday, March 30, 2006


New commercials from the folks who brought you "Got Milk?" SO EXCITING:

It's a planet with brittle bones, insomnia, bad teeth, thinning hair, bad PMS, and the like--that is, until they discover Da Iry on an exploratory trip to Earth and convince the almighty Da Iry (a cow) to return to their planet with them, where they worship it. Simply put, this is wonderful.

The high: Diary is wonderful and if you don't think that this quasi-Hindu worship of cows and dairy is awesome, then you don't deserve good enough living conditions to afford a gallon a week. Drink a gallon a week.

The mediocre: The cow translator isn't another interactive chicken or interactive bartender, but more of a magic 8-ball concept.

The low: The whole deal is put out by the California Milk Processor Board, which means both that we won't see much of it in the Midwest and that it's not endorsing cheese nearly enough (CA surpassed WI in milk production in 1993 but still lags behind in cheese.) Also, there are too many people and not enough cow and cow product. Either way, California is inferior and "best recognize."

I think I will have steak, cheese, and a glass of milk for dinner. Maybe also some yogurt.


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