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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Griefer in MMORPG crucified in-game for 7 days.

A story over at Warcry shares newest method of dealing with griefers in online games. Pinning them up on crosses. All this happened on the MMO Roma Victor after a player named Cynewolf started spawn-killing newbies. Rather than just banning his ass or tossing him into some jail cell zone where nobody would see or hear from him, the game moderators temp-banned his account for 7 days during which his ass was nailed up to a cross, which is very fitting given the time period of the game.

Why oh WHY can't other MMOs do something similar? It doesn't have to be putting someone up on a cross...just making them an example to the rest of the players in some creative way.

Several screenshots of the event have been posted.

So does this mean all the other griefers are forgiven for their sins?


  • A Rome MMO?

    Maximus1337: U got teh plague!
    ViniVidiCookie: OH nos! Hax!
    Maximus1337: lol n00b

    By Blogger Bob, at 3/23/2006 2:50 PM  

  • Oh, this is from their website:

    Are there any races or classes?
    Back to Top

    There is only one player race: humans. There are no fixed classes such as warrior or druid etc. but there are classes of citizenship. Your character can be Attending, Free, Aligned (belonging to a Barbarian Clan), Slave or Citizen. The limits on your in-game career and activities are bound only by your skills, interests and personal goals.

    Finally, a MMO that embraces Chinese gold farming.

    By Blogger Bob, at 3/23/2006 2:54 PM  

  • In related news, a WoW account was recently terminated when the griefer was turned in by his compatriots, who later disavowed any relationship to the banned griefer. Inexplicably, the account returned to valid status after three days, with the character's inventory intact.

    By Blogger Erik, at 3/23/2006 3:53 PM  

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