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Friday, March 31, 2006

How do you know when you've played too much WoW?

We all know that one guy...who gets a little too into his games, or anime etc. Well, this guy was caught in the act. Now I feel REALLY dirty about playing a wood elf in EQ and scamming guys for plats. Must....shower...

Thanks to my good friend The Dread Pirate Billiam over at ScathedObsidian for bringing me THIS little gem.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


New commercials from the folks who brought you "Got Milk?" SO EXCITING:

It's a planet with brittle bones, insomnia, bad teeth, thinning hair, bad PMS, and the like--that is, until they discover Da Iry on an exploratory trip to Earth and convince the almighty Da Iry (a cow) to return to their planet with them, where they worship it. Simply put, this is wonderful.

The high: Diary is wonderful and if you don't think that this quasi-Hindu worship of cows and dairy is awesome, then you don't deserve good enough living conditions to afford a gallon a week. Drink a gallon a week.

The mediocre: The cow translator isn't another interactive chicken or interactive bartender, but more of a magic 8-ball concept.

The low: The whole deal is put out by the California Milk Processor Board, which means both that we won't see much of it in the Midwest and that it's not endorsing cheese nearly enough (CA surpassed WI in milk production in 1993 but still lags behind in cheese.) Also, there are too many people and not enough cow and cow product. Either way, California is inferior and "best recognize."

I think I will have steak, cheese, and a glass of milk for dinner. Maybe also some yogurt.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

World Of Warcraft

I've been playing World Of Warcraft for sometime now, I'm coming up on 8 months. In that time I've laughed plenty, yelled sometimes, and occasionally lept out of my chair and danced around the room. I never thought I would stick with the game until I hit 60 but I was wrong. WoW has continued to amuse, entertain, and impress me. From "humping the griffin" to leading a 40 man raid on the Undercity its been alot of fun. It's been a unique experience playing a Paladin too. You see the Paladin class is probably the most controversial in its playstyle, noone can seem to decide what you should do with them. Even Blizzard is nebulous in its class description. Being a Paladin for me means beating ass in some god's name. I tend to piss of the Warriors and am the bane of soft casting classes everywhere in PvP. Now comes Molten Core, Zul'Grub and all the other level 60 instances. Huzzah!

Total play time on Spircoff: 18 days, 22 hours.

Griefer in MMORPG crucified in-game for 7 days.

A story over at Warcry shares newest method of dealing with griefers in online games. Pinning them up on crosses. All this happened on the MMO Roma Victor after a player named Cynewolf started spawn-killing newbies. Rather than just banning his ass or tossing him into some jail cell zone where nobody would see or hear from him, the game moderators temp-banned his account for 7 days during which his ass was nailed up to a cross, which is very fitting given the time period of the game.

Why oh WHY can't other MMOs do something similar? It doesn't have to be putting someone up on a cross...just making them an example to the rest of the players in some creative way.

Several screenshots of the event have been posted.

So does this mean all the other griefers are forgiven for their sins?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Watch select Adult Swim shows online 24/7!

The latest news item on the Adult Swim website divulged the following little nugget of goodness:

"Do you like Friday Night Fix? Can't stay up to watch Adult Swim at night? Want to spend more time on your computer?

The Adult Swim Fix is going live Monday, March 27th, offering you free access to full-length Adult Swim programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each week, we will feature 7 episodes from our original comedies and some select anime titles. Friday Night Fix will still run Fridays from 11 PM - 6 AM and will feature premiers of shows two whole days before they air on Sunday.

Watch the shows you want. Whenever you want. For Free. "


Yes, you read that correctly...certain FULL EPISODES of shows from the Adult Swim lineup will be viewable from their website. This is like taking the Comedy Central approach a step further and making it what it should be. I love you guys over at Adult Swim. It is encouraging that one of the few companies out there who has no problem attracting the elusive 18-34 male demographic is taking this very liberal position on how they are letting viewers watch their shows. Thanks for understanding how our demographic consumes our media guys, we appreciate it.

Gamers are better at shooting things remotely?

From the "No Shit Sherlock Dept."

This article from The Raw Feed made the amazing discovery that today's soldiers in Iraq are apparently quite adept at shooting big guns remotely with a joystick. Gee, who would have thought?

These Common Remote Operated Weapon Station (CROWS) systems are also being implemented in America's Army to train future generations of CROWS gunners.

Sorry guys...Robin Williams had you beat years ago.


Thought I'd post a truly awesome photograph that was posted on Fark of all places. Still very cool, except the prints you can buy at the photographer's site look like cheesy motivational posters.

As a side I the only one that feels like this should be a bonus level in Duck Hunt? PULL!!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Crooked execs back from the gave

I'm sure a lot of folks thought that the Enron, etc. catastrophes were all behind us and justice was being served by now. Companies died and executives were convicted. But wait, there's more! Turns out a lot of these sleezeballs are getting their convictions overturned and retried based on technicalities in the jury instructions!

...At least there have been some movies (sorry the Playboy movie has no trailer available) to help us feel a little better about all of it. Meanwhile, the lawyers will probably drag this out for a very long time before we can see any real justice done.

Bob's Test

Test test 1 2.

Fun times:
Urban Dead

Fun-er times:
World of Warcraft

Funest times:
Hookers and Blow

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Monday, March 20, 2006

I also post.

Forgive me for having nothing of substance, but I need to test posting this blog, since I'm supposed to be a contributor now.

Pontiac keeps telling me to google Pontiac. I'm not entirely sure what I'm supposed to find, but I don't think the answer is Pontiac, MI. I might add that Google does not suggest maps of the town with the same name of your company as one of their three ways to advertise via Google.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Real-time view of Earth for your desktop

Just found my newest desktop wallpaper. This is an Active Desktop wallpaper that gives you a constantly updated view of Earth from space. You can set timezones, determine the location that it centers on and tweak a variety of viewing options.

Check out the site here.
Direct download link to the installer here.

Flow - A peak at Spore?

Spore is due out this year, so I've been maintaining sanity by playing Flow. In Flow you start off as a small critter, and grow and evolve by eating other larger creatures. Visually, it is beautiful and simplistic with nice music and sound effects that provide the perfect atmosphere. It has a birds-eye view and you can see the creatures that are in the water below you as part of a hazy background. As you dive deeper, it gets darker, which is used by certain creatures as camoflauge.

The game isn't quite finished yet, but the developer is taking input and seems very eager to keep up the excellent work. You will easily waste an hour playing this game. Needs Flash 8.

Also, for those who haven't had the pleasure of drooling over the 30 min. gameplay walkthrough that Will Wright gives for spore, you are an idiot and should immediately view the video below.

All your Gmail are belong to U.S.

Apparently your Gmail email can be subpoenaed. Even the stuff you "permanently delete". You see, its not really deleted...its stored on their servers. And if you ever do anything wrong, they will bring it in front of the court.

Makes me shudder when I think of the legal implications this could have for Google Desktop. Thank god I don't use it.

Police blotter: Judge orders Gmail disclosure | CNET
Slashdot coverage of the story

Turbo Cojones? Turbo Bad Advertising.

Apparently VW, who have in the past received much praise over their previous advertising efforts have finally fucked up. This billboard was displayed in areas with a high density of hispanic residents. Nothing says knowing your target audience like using a Spanish word to make a dumb joke!

Check out the story. Apparently they had to take it down from 3 cities due to complaints. Yay VW!

Live-Action Zombie FPS...or is it?

This is a video from the UK of a guy who sets up a zombie FPS arcade game in a pub that puts the player into a trance. They then move the person to a facility that has an identical layout to the game...complete with zombie actors and a gun that looks like it shoots some sort of blood pellets or something that makes it look like he's actually shooting them. Interesting to see how he handles it.

How would YOU handle it? Man.....we never get the cool stuff in the States.

*EDIT: Ok, well, after watching this several things seemed fishy...and this is almost certainly a fake. I mean, if your friend passed out playing an arcade game and two strange men told you to do what they said and dragged your friend away...would you do it? Hell no, you'd swing first and ask questions later. And then this guy uses what appears to be a paintball gun to shoot the zombies...why isn't he cracking them on the head with it instead? That CO2 cartridge would do a HELLUVA lot more damage. And speaking of heads...why are there no head shots? He shoots the girl when she is prone, but he doesn't shoot her in the head? Isn't that like the number one rule of killing zombies? And why doesn't he attack the guy running this at the end? There's a lot of other reasons this is probably a fake, but interesting nonetheless.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

What? No FSM?

For those not in the know, the Flying Sphaghetty Monster is just as valid a religion as any other out there.

Star-Telegram | 03/18/2006 | Atheists put their faith in ethical behavior

Collapsible Kitchenware

Made out of silicone so its safe for the stove. Useful for apartments with little storage space for pots and pans.

Fr1st p0st

This is the first test post to test various template changes on this blog.